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Start-Up Business Boot Camp

Startup Business Boot Camp Intensive Hands-On Workshop
via Webinar
4 weeks, 2x a week, 3 hours each session
From the Privacy of Your Own Computer

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Do you an idea to create a new service, product or entire business?

You don't want to miss this!

Startup Business Boot Camp Intensive Hands On Workshop via Webinar

4 weeks, 2x a week, 3 hours each  session
From the Privacy or Your Own Computer
(A total of 24 hours of advanced content, strategies, tactics, how to's, live demos,
subject matter experts, tips, tricks and "git-r-done" stuff!)
Price: Only $445

We do not accept everyone into the course. We first need to make sure your concept is reasonable, viable and will accomplish your goals. For this reason Vince will personally evaluate your concept with you over the phone at no charge including provide tips to you regardless of whether you decide to take the workshop or not.

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Not pursuing a good idea is like not cashing in a winning lottery ticket. Start cashing in on YOUR ideas! Come learn the latest tools, techniques, tactics and "the system" to take most any idea you think of and test, launch, market and make money with it quickly and inexpensively.

  • STARTS Tuesday, April 12, 7:00 pm to 9:55 pm - Is your idea really a profitable one? How to analyze and select the best idea of the ones you are thinking about. How to determine market demand before you even create your product, service or business. Live demo of advanced keyword research. Why keyword research is critical to most every business today.

  • Thursday, April 14, 7:00 pm to 9:55 pm - Basic business plan projections, basic business plan creation. Turn your "orange into a watermelon" by applying over 40 different revenue streams and business models to your concept. Things to consider before you incorporate. How to incorporate online without an attorney. How to get your Tax ID online free.

  • Tuesday, April 19, 7:00 pm to 9:55 pm - Business naming, trademark naming, domain names (supplemental video of registrations), 

  • Thursday, April  21, 7:00 pm to 9:55 pm - Web site conversion optimization, create your free web site.

  • Tuesday, April  26, 7:00 pm to 9:55 pm - Write your Create Your Elevator Pitch, Apply Advertising & Marketing Methods to Your Concept, Various Marketing SlidesCreate your marketing plan.

  • Thursday, April  28, 7:00 pm to 9:55 pm - Search Engine Marketing. SEO, Local Search (Google Places), LIVE DEMO Create a Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Adwords Campaign (or get it ready to launch). Email Marketing – Setup Account & Create Your List

  • Tuesday, May 3, 7:00 pm to 9:55 pm- Intellectual property, patents, trademarks, etc.

  • Thursday, May  5, 7:00 pm to 9:55 pm - Useful Business Tools and Resources, General Q&A and Next Steps

No Problem, ALL Sessions will be RECORDED so you can catch up or just review when you want to watch them!

You'll Also Get These When You Attend:

* Get downloadable MP3 audios to listen and reinforce your learning offline.
* We will be holding 2 LIVE IN PERSON Seminars in addition to the Webinar for those who are Local. No additional Cost to attend. We will do group Q&A, some attendee market research and more.
* Register for the 4 week course and attend the June Live Workshop, all 2.5 days for just $95!

"Amazing. I HIGHLY recommend it. Invest the time and do, it, you'll be glad you did."
-- Dawn F., Manager

"As a 3-time business owner, I thought I knew it all. I learned a lot of things at your webinar. You really opened my eyes to the NEW way of launching business ideas and I can't wait to use your strategies to see where some of my ideas take me."
-- Walter A., Entrepreneur

"This is hands-down the best webinar I've been to all year. For someone who has always wondered how to make money from my business ideas but didn't know the fastest and cheapest way to do it, this event really got my wheels turning! Finally I can take action instead of wondering what-if...."
-- Jake K., Currently "in Career Transition"

  • EXERCISE:  Growing Your Concept – Which Business Models and Revenue Streams Can be Utilized and Applied to Your Idea?
  • Anatomy of a Business Plan
  • EXERCISE:  Writing Your Version 1.0 Business Plan
  • EXERCISE:  Financial Projections Round 2
  • Business Naming Process, Location Considerations
  • EXERCISE:  Buy Domain Names
  • Slides on Corporations, LLCs, etc.
  • EXERCISE:  Incorporate if You Are Ready
  • EXERCISE:  IRS Forms – For Those Who Are Ready
  • EXERCISE:  Create Your Logo
  • BONUS MATERIAL! “Advanced Web Site & Landing Page Optimization”
  • EXERCISE:  Create Your Website
  • Press Release Creation & Distribution
  • About Business Licensing, Patents & Trademarks
  • Making Your Business Successful
  • Strategies for Funding a Business
  • BONUS MATERIAL! How to Expand Your Concept Into Other Geographical Markets
  • EXERCISE:  Determining Lifetime Value of Your Customers
  • BONUS MATERIAL!  THE Marketing Question You Need to Answer
  • EXERCISE:  Create Your Elevator Pitch
  • EXERCISE:  Apply Advertising & Marketing Methods to Your Concept
  • Various Marketing Slides
  • EXERCISE:  Write Your Marketing Plan
  • BONUS MATERIAL / MODULE!  Email Marketing – Setup Account & Create Your List
  • Search Engine Marketing Slides
  • EXERCISE:  Create a Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Adwords Campaign (or get it ready to launch)
  • Business Communications Including How to Get a Toll Free Vanity Number
  • Useful Business Tools and Resources
  • General Q&A and Next Steps

  • Business Owners - who want to diversify their income streams and learn how to rapidly prototype and test most any idea within a couple of days for less than a few hundred dollars with the Startup Business Boot Camp "Rapid Startup Process".
  • People Currently Employed - looking to start a side business or have a Plan B in place in case they need to make it their Plan A.
  • Stay At Home Parents - who are looking to supplement their household's income by turning their ideas into businesses quickly and inexpensively.
  • Job Seekers - who are smart enough to realize jobs are scarce and starting some kind of business NOW gives them a chance to extend their runway while interviewing or hopefully replace the need for a job altogether.

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