Launch Your Idea Into a Business in Just 1 Weekend

Steve Leonard - GOAL: Learn Faster Newer Way to Launch Products & Services
Steve is an experienced business owner who attended the Startup Business Boot Camp to learn how to turn new ideas into revenue quickly and cost effectively.

Sherry Tatum - IDEA: Soooo Many Ideas!! Which One is Best?
Sherry attended the workshop to learn the Startup Business Boot Camp methodology for how to select the best, most viable and do-able idea of a group of business ideas.

Peter Palmer - EXPERT: Panelist at Workshop & Attended
Peter has a real estate investment training business and even highly experienced found great value in the workshop.

Jerry Furst - IDEA: Investor Education & Training Services
Jerry is an existing business owner who attended the Startup Business Boot Camp to take his business and other concepts to the next level.

Jim Bowman - IDEA: Sinatra Singer - Expanding His Bookings
Jim has worked for himself as the "Singing Sailor" singing Sinatra for years but did not formally incorporate until he attended the workshop. While there, he formalized all aspects of his business.

John Shinners - IDEA: Home Based Business Concept
John's been wanting to start a business on the side, in addition to his day job. The Startup Business Boot Camp helped him do just that!

Patrick DePriest - IDEA: Patentable Product Concept
Patrick has owned serveral businesses and has applied for a patent for a new product idea. He attended the workshop because much of the Startup Business Boot Camp on advanced, yet low-cost Marketing tactics.

Chris G - IDEA: Multiple Ideas
"It has taken me years to amass the information that is presented in the Startup Business Boot Camp"

Fanny Ruiz - IDEA: Commercial Cleaning Service
Born in Columbia, Fanny attended to learn how to
start a business here in the U.S.

Tonya Peer - IDEA: Health and Fitness Product
Tonya has tons of experience in Corporate America but had not started her own business until attending the workshop.

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More Testimonials

"The Start up Business Boot Camp is an informative and well designed workshop that allows you to effectively start up your own business. The instructor personally supported me in providing a high quality service that gave me the necessary tools to create my business plan and make it a reality all in just 1 weekend. The instructor was exceptionally reliable and most importantly, followed up throughout the whole process to make sure I was doing all the steps and accomplishing my goal. I highly recommend doing this event. It has saved me so much time and money and I now have a product that's far more likely to succeed than if I had tried to do it all on my own. I believe so strongly in this event, that you have my permission to publish my phone number for your prospective attendees to call! 305-812-1244" 
--  Luis Rodriguez, CEO and Founder, Gobble Turkey Legs

"Startup Business Boot Camp was one of the best investments I have made. Besides being able to create a business from beginning to end, there was so much additional information the weekend was priceless for me. I worked the overnight shift and hardly slept. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I felt and still feel that the Instructor wants to make sure I succeed. Thank you for being a bright light."  -- Norah Dombrowski,  Florida

Excellent workshop for an entrepreneur. Very informative of things that will be useful to you during startup.  My favorite experience during the workshop:

  • The Panel” being able to meet with the experts.
  • Small class size makes the experience personable. No question goes unanswered.

-- Crystal A.

I learned so much in just a couple of days. It felt like all the knowledge I received was a month long college course but much more practical.  One of my favorite parts of the conference was the panel of experts; so many tools and advisors. Thank you!” -- Jorge Montes, Chef George Catering, Davie, FL

I learned so much.  The viability of my business, how to identify my niche, and the internet marketing alone takes this above and beyond the 101 basics of my business skills.” -- LyNette Lewis, Graphic Design / Copywriter

I just lost my job and didn't have an idea where to start. I spent the best three days of my Start up Business journey.  I learned so much and met so many important people to materialize my dreams.  I will recommend the Startup Business Boot Camp to anybody who is serious about starting a business.  It confirms that you don’t need money to start a business only motivation!” --  Geralda Adrion

So many great things has happened since this weekend. I'm so thrilled! I can barely get sleep trying to control my dancing sugar plums :) It's like almost 3AM!" - Vanessa Montes

"A belated thank-you... I can't thank you enough for a great workshop. The material, presentation, and panelists were outstanding and I've been recommending it since. I now have a template for evaluating and developing any idea!" -- Mary Strudwick

"I really appreciate you having my Mom and me at the Boot Camp Workshop this weekend; it certainly was a wonderful experience. Not only was it amazingly helpful for my Mom's business to finally get her rocking and rolling in the right direction, I also got at least 4-5 unique business ideas that I would like to explore. I would like to hopefully discuss them with you down the road & see what you think about them. Thanks so much for your help." -- Enid Decker

Big time impressed with the Boot Camp, particularly when I reviewed all that we had covered - ALOT!  Yes, my friend, your claim of being able to conduct biz on "the day after" is on the money (pun intended).
Thank you!
” - Chris G.

A few words of appreciation for putting together last weekend.  It was a great learning experience and I am sure I will be able to put some of the tools I learned to good use. I will update you on the progress of my business and once again, thank you and good luck in your endeavors.” Aiden B., Jacksonville FL

"I started my company 10 months prior to attending the Startup Business Boot Camp. Because there were no events yet in my city, I booked a flight and traveled to an event. I realized very quickly that this is NOT an event just for people who haven't started their business yet, but rather, something that's also extremely useful and in my case CRITICAL to new and existing companies as well as startups.  I decided to attend because I reached a point of uncertainty concerning how to make that next big leap. I left the workshop with the information, knowledge and hands-on experience I needed to move forward in a planned, prepared and profitable direction.

Before I attended the Boot Camp I had web presence and I had a rough estimate of how much I expected to make during the first, second and third year but no real financial plan based on real revenue or marketing expenses. The content of my website included certain keywords and phrases, but I hadn't researched the validity of those words any further. I had a definite idea of how I wanted my website to look, what services I would offer and how I would present that information but without discussing it with anyone else or requesting feedback regarding my ideas.

The Startup Business Boot Camp provides a lot of content about how to be successful in your business and how to market it inexpensively. The creativity and unique concepts were very powerful. The time we invested on Internet marketing showed me how to increase my chances of appearing higher in free Google searches for my services. Thankfully, now I consistently appear at the top of the page for some important terms and this has caused my client base to double. I was given spreadsheets that allow me to enter in real numbers my costs throughout the year and come up with a real financial projection that accurately tracks annual progress.

The Startup Business Boot Camp allowed me to share my ideas, show the look and feel of my website and discuss the content with the other participants. I received valuable feedback that resulted in narrowing my message in a focused way therefore reaching qualified people more easily.

When I got home from the event, I had adjusted my focus and the direction of moving forward with my business. Everything really came together! I re-designed my website and had a more targeted and proven way of advertising to the RIGHT people. Not only did that save me money, but I also started getting paying clients pretty much immediately.  I also had a much broader idea of where my business could grow. Because I learned a system for testing and launching new concepts, I easily started another website with those ideas and I now see my business growing into other congruent (and money making) areas. I would not have taken the time or had the knowledge to re-examine my plan, or receive the feedback that provided different options had I not gone to this weekend event. The savings in money and time and revenue increase made me feel really great about my decision to attend.

I recommend Startup Business Boot Camp to anyone who wants to succeed in business on their own terms. I can't say enough about it!" Rebecca Savidge Gray, The Dating Consultant,, Over 35 and Single? Start Late, Finish Happy!


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