Launch Your Idea Into a Business in Just 1 Weekend

In addition to our events, we advise pre-startup and early stage startup businesses:

  • On how to best position and differentiate yourself in the marketplace
  • On how to apply additional revenue models to increase sales and profits
  • On how to multiply yourself and expand what you are doing into new geographical areas through partnerships, licensing programs, etc.
  • Provide you with personal introductions to valuable resources and connect you to potential partners
  • Super low cost to no cost marketing tactics
  • High level Web site design, layout, navigation and visitor conversion optimization
  • Search engine optimization advice
  • Pay Per Click search engine advertising campaign advisement
  • Advice on funding your business if it requires it
  • Recommend reliable vendors
  • Sit on company advisory boards and Boards of Directors
  • Assist with funding introductions and "industrial strength" business plans
  • Assist with more in-depth market research/market studies

We also advise EXISTING/ESTABLISHED businesses who are investigating or in the process of launching new products, lines of services or want to create a new division within the company.

If you are looking to minimize mistakes, save costs, increase revenues, accelerate your development, expand your concept or in a nutshell: be more successful, then contact us for a free initial telephone consultation where we will discuss how we can add value to your endeavor.


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