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How To Turn An Idea Into A Business in 1 Day
South Florida
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  1. What’s Covered at the “How to Turn an Idea Into a Business in 1 Day” Seminar
  2. Do I Have To RSVP?
  3. What do You Do with My RSVP?
  4. The Seminar is Free, What’s the Catch?
  5. How Many People Typically Attend a Seminar?
  6. Can I Call You to Ask More Questions About the Seminar?
  7. How Long is the Seminar?
  8. Do You Start and End On Time?
  9. When You Say “Ideas” What Do You Mean?
  10. Can I Invite a Friend, Business Partner or Spouse?
  11. How Often Do You Hold These Seminars?
  12. I Can’t Make It To Your Live Seminars, Are There Other Options?

Q: What’s Covered at the “How to Turn an Idea Into a Business in 1 Day” Seminar?

A: We pack our seminars with useful tools, information and strategies to help aspiring, new and existing entrepreneurs gauge demand for new products and services before, during and after their creation, how to turn ideas into businesses quickly and inexpensively, little known resources for finding ideas, some key strategies for marketing your concept(s) and even creative ways to get funding for ideas and business, plus much more. In addition, we introduce you to what we cover at our weekend workshops to see if they are of value to you.
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Q: Do I Have To RSVP?

A: For most events you do not, but then we cannot guarantee a seat. Each venue has capacity constraints. Also, knowing the number of RSVPs helps us ensure we have the room set up appropriately and if complimentary snacks and refreshments are being provided (most events do) we need to make sure there is enough for everyone. Also we need to provide enough handouts. Please RSVP either online (preferred) or by phone.
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Q: What do You Do with My RSVP?

A: We will email you the directions and details of the event within seconds after you RSVP. If you do not get this message please contact us or check your spam folder. Also, we send reminders and may even call you, either live or via automated message, to make sure you have all the information you need about the event. Whether you make it to the seminar or not, we will keep you informed of other local entrepreneurial events of interest and send you tips for business success by adding you to our email list. If an event has a sponsor such as the local Chamber of Commerce, you may also receive emails from the event sponsor. All messages have opt-out instructions should you ever wish to discontinue receiving emails from us or our sponsors. Keep in mind, your email privacy is important to us and we do not sell anyone’s information.
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Q: The Seminar is Free, What’s the Catch?

A: There’s no catch. It’s simple:  the more people who learn about the Startup Business Boot Camp, the more people we can help and the more people are referred to us by past attendees. And, while we absolutely talk about what we do at our paid weekend workshops, this only takes a small fraction of the time of the seminar. The vast majority of the seminar is focused on providing you with new, actionable information that can help you in your entrepreneurial endeavors. No one likes a big sales pitch so we put our “content where our mouth is” and deliver cutting edge approaches on how to turn your ideas into reality faster and for less than you probably ever thought possible. Doing this well is the best way for us to promote what we do.
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Q: How Many People Typically Attend a Seminar?

A: Depending on the venue, we average from 15-35 attendees. We like to keep the seminars small to ensure a better learning experience for everyone (as this provides more time for questions).
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Q: Can I Call You to Ask More Questions About the Seminar?

A: Yes, you can call your local Instructor or our corporate office to get more information about the seminar, get directions, etc. Remember though, that by RSVPing online, you will get detailed directions, etc. which is more convenient for most people.
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Q: How Long is the Seminar?

A: From 1.5 to 2 hours long depending on how many questions we receive.
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Q:  Do You Start and End On Time?

A: We start within 15 minutes of the stated time, depending on local traffic and weather conditions and we want to ensure no one misses anything. We endeavor to start the event as close to the stated start time. The end time can run long should we start a bit later or get lots of questions and audience interaction.
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Q: When You Say “Ideas” What Do You Mean?

A: We mean YOUR ideas. We have no idea to sell you, no concept to sell you, no business to sell you. Our business is helping you take an idea you have, no matter how large or small, online or offline, product or service, and turn it into reality. You bring the ideas and we help you turn them into reality. If you don’t have any ideas but are exploring entrepreneurship, then this free seminar is a great start. Come on out and learn the latest methods and tactics to make it happen!
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Q: Can I Invite a Friend, Business Partner or Spouse?

A: Space permitting, yes, but please try to have them RSVP with us or you may RSVP them separately online or via phone.
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Q: How Often Do You Hold These Seminars?

A: It depends on the city, but we usually hold a 2-3 seminars every other month or so.
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Q: I Can’t Make It To Your Live Seminars, Are There Other Options?

A: We occasionally do webinars and are working on a recorded version of the seminar for people whose situation makes it very difficult to get out to the live seminar.
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Free Seminars held by the Startup Business Boot Camp for new and existing entrepreneurs are much more than than simple Start A Business or Start A Company "how to" seminars. Full of content and cutting edge resources that is constantly updated to help you quickly test, launch new business ideas and market them very inexpensively. Most people have it backwards and spend too much money to start a company, incorporate, etc. before knowing how viable their business idea really is.

This seminar and our workshops show you how to test business ideas in real time for actual true demand before you event launch the company. This greatly lowers your risk to form a new company or simply launch a new product or service within your existing business. Whether you are looking to do a home based business and work from home or are starting a business elsewhere, the key is keeping your start up costs low. The information you'll get when you attend the seminar will help you do just that. RSVP today. Remember, true entrepreneurs are always learning. We guarantee what you'll learn will be worth your time to attend.

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