Launch Your Idea Into a Business in Just 1 Weekend

Our NO RISK Registration Guarantee:

So long as you contact us before the event:

  • 10 or more days before event day:
       You receive a 100% FULL REFUND
  • Less than 10 days before event day:
       You receive Event Rain Check Credit*

We take all of the risk out of registering early for our events. If you can't make it to an event that you have registered for please contact us so we can re-open registration (if the event is full) and make room for someone else.

Our NO RISK Event Guarantee:

If you don't make or save or a combination thereof your investment in our Weekend Workshop within 6 months of attending, we will give you 100% of your investment back. That's right, your investment in this event should pay for itself. If it doesn't, you should get your money back. Period.

Prior to attending, simply tell us your goals for the event in email, attend the entire workshop, do all the exercises, demonstrate that you actually implemented our concepts and contact your instructor with any areas you need additional assistance with. If at the end of the 6th month, you do not feel you received the stated value, contact your instructor for a prompt and courteous refund. We know our training works. We know it saves tons of time and money. We know it gets your ideas launched faster. We know our concepts work. We put our money where our mouth is with this rock solid, no BS guarantee!

How To Cancel or Transfer your Registration:

If something comes up, canceling your registration is simple. Contact your Boot Camp Instructor by phone or email with the event city and date, your name, phone number and your email address. If by phone, you must speak to a live person, do not leave a voice mail. In either case of you calling or emailing us, you need to receive confirmation back from us for your records via email of your cancellation. If you do not, call our corporate office at 1-877-Biz-Nation (877-249-6284).

*About the event rain check credit: You may attend an event in the same city you registered for or any other city we hold events and you can even transfer your registration to another person if you'd like. However, event credits expire within 12 months unless we grant an extension.



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