Launch Your Idea Into a Business in Just 1 Weekend

Currently holding events in just under a dozen cities, we are expanding into the cities listed in the pull-down box below. If you are interested and qualified (see qualifications list below) complete the form below. If you are interested and qualified but do not reside close to any of the cities in the list, AND you are not in a city where we are currently conducting events (since we only have 1 Instructor per metro market), feel free to contact us and recommend a new city.


  • Instructors need to have started multiple businesses from scratch. More experience is of course better than less experience. Bootstrapping experience is preferred over investor-backed, but a mix of both during your entrepreneurial career is even better. Although we appreciate those who have been in "corporate america", verifiable startup experience is a must for being an Instructor.
  • Public speaking experience is a MUST. We look for dynamic, energetic and 100% reliable Instructors who can speak the 17+ hours required during a weekend event.
  • IMPORTANT: This is NOT a "position" or "job". It's an opportunity. Instructors are not our employees. While inquiring and applying with us are completely free (except for your time investment of course), there is a small startup fee (refundable) to officially become an Instructor for us. We're looking for people with a little skin in the game and who recognize the opportunity. If someone cannot recognize and properly evaluate a good business opportunity and take on some risk, they cannot effectively teach aspiring entrepreneurs what it really takes to be successful in their own venture. Prospective Instructors will be invited to attend one of our events in South Florida (required) for evaluation by you and us as well as for initial training purposes.
  • Except for Los Angeles and New York City, we only accept 1 instructor per market.
  • Most of our instructors have other businesses they operate in addition to their efforts with us. We do not require your full time attention. However, if your time is already 90% booked up, please do not apply. Also, marketing and promoting events is part of the overall responsibility as well as sourcing venues and other tasks.
  • If you feel you have what it takes to make a positive difference in our attendees' lives, and you are truly interested in leveraging your entrepreneurial knowledge and experience to help others while adding another revenue stream for yourself, simply select your city from the list and complete the short form below to begin the process. Serious inquiries only please. During the overall selection process references are required and will be checked thoroughly.